Benefits of Living in a Rural State

One of the biggest perks of deciding to move to a new home is the countless possibilities of places you could go to. You don’t have to be stuck in the same town, or even the same state, any longer and can choose to seek out new opportunities instead. For many, significant city populations might seem like the most intriguing choice.

However, cities can come with a lot of their own disadvantages, and while they may be fun to visit on vacation, they are only sometimes suitable to live in. That is why you should take off the rose-colored glasses and give rural areas more of a chance. Sure, they might not be states that scream out to you the way Texas and California do, but there are so many benefits that people often overlook.

Whether you are looking for homes for sale in Omaha, NE, or properties in Glenwood, IA, the team at Milford Real Estate is sure to show you what makes rural living the wise decision you could make once you see the stunning properties for yourself. Combine that with the following advantages, and you will forget the need for city living entirely.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Because cities come with a lot of businesses, you might think that they are your best chance at getting employment. However, the opposite is true. Consider the number of people that live in cities. Heavily congested, this means that there are dozens, if not hundreds seeking the same position as you. This makes it more challenging to land that gig you were hoping for, and you might find yourself still unemployed months later.

Meanwhile, there is much less competition in rural areas, but there is also plenty of different options for occupations to choose from. Because rural regions often boost the idea of keeping their lands healthy and strong, environmental jobs in science and engineering are just as prevalent as in their agricultural fields.

Clean Living

“Smog” is a term that first appeared thanks to the unclean air of areas like Pittsburgh was well known for back in the day. This was due to the smoke that factories released day after day. Today, the term is still the standard for many cities and is considered a huge health hazard.

As mentioned before, rural areas care about keeping their land and air both free of emissions. This makes growing flora much safer and more bountiful. States like Iowa have become highly dedicated to renewable energy, too, so you can expect to find a lot of wind turbines there. With the lack of smoke in the area, you are also bound to see much clearer night skies full of breathtaking starlight.

Even food is better in rural states. Cities do not have farms, so the produce that comes in could be from anywhere and may be sprayed with chemicals. When you live near a farm, you know what you are getting is fresh and clean, as you can easily talk with the distributor by visiting them or a farmers market. There are also more opportunities to buy straight from the source at markets, and you can visit the local butcher for higher-quality meat, too.

Lower Crime Rates

When you watch the news or true crime stories, you are more likely going to hear about violence occurring in big and prominent cities. If you have young children or live alone, are you really going to want to live in these areas? Just stepping outside your door could be risky, even if you haven’t made enemies with anyone!

Whenever you look at research detailing the safest states to live in, you are bound to find rural ones topping the list. The two states that Milford Real Estate operates in, Iowa and Nebraska, are currently ranked 18th and 22nd among violent crime rates. Rural areas operate a lot more on trust, and having fewer people around can make for lower levels of tension which often ignite crime rates to spike.

Since land is more mapped out, there is also less of a chance of property crimes like robbery because your closest neighbors could still be pretty far away. Police forces are also more respected and trusted in rural communities, so they are bound to report crimes more often, keeping people from wanting to break the law.

Affordable Living

One thing that people notice right away if they choose to live in a city is how expensive it can be. Even a very small apartment could cost you thousands of dollars a month to rent! The main reason for this is the fact that landlords know how appealing the area is to people. Certain individuals are bound to be desperate enough to live there so that they will pay the hefty costs.

Rural states offer a lot of affordable housing opportunities and often fall below the national average in home sale costs, which is roughly $330,000. In Iowa, the median is $207,000, and Nebraska is around $230,000. With real estate marketing currently booming in these areas, too, there is no better time to start looking around!

If you’re ready to make the change and want to go to an area that offers greener pastures (literally), then call the agents over at Milford Real Estate for assistance! They aim to make both selling and moving as smooth as possible for their clients without shaking away from high quality and satisfaction.

The real estate agents at Milford Real Estate live in the areas they work with, meaning they know what makes these rural communities so fantastic to be a part of! Every answer you get is genuine, and they won’t ever step out of your boundaries when selling something to you. Your budget and preferences are always taken into consideration.

Selling a home can be just as stressful as buying one, and the team knows that for sure. That is why Milford Real Estate has three different options for those ready to move. Along with selling the standard way, you could also opt to sell your home right to them or work on a contingency plan for three months. Both of these possibilities keep you from dealing with house tours and pending sales.

Even though city life might seem breathtaking, it might be a better idea to make visits instead of establishing a residence there. When you work with Milford Real Estate, you will realize that nothing is better than living in a nature-filled area like a rural community. Visit today and take a look at all of the amazing homes you could one day call your own!

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