Discover The 5 Main Benefits Of Video Surveillance


With the violence and lack security in our country today, the video surveillance system, Forbel Intercoms and Door Entry systems for example is an excellent solution to alleviate the feeling of insecurity and, mainly, the loss of property. However, its application is not restricted only to the protection aspect. In the same way, technology innovations gradually bring countless benefits to companies that are always looking for improvements in their performance, speed in their operations, and, of course, more security, not only for their assets but also for their employees.

Therefore, in this article, you will know the concept, the importance, the existing types, and how video surveillance should be done. But, mainly highlight the 5 main benefits of this practice for business. Check out!

How Should Video Surveillance Be Done?

With the TCP/IP-based video surveillance solution, adding extra cameras to the system is possible. In this sense, the captured images are much more protected. In addition to the traditional storage performed by the local recorder, you also have the opportunity to capture them at remote sites or within the cameras themselves.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Surveillance?

Once you understand how the system works, view 5 benefits that video surveillance promotes.

  1. Real-Time Control

Real-time monitoring can be easily performed anywhere globally or from any authorized computer connected to the same IP network. In the same way, you can watch the network cameras live directly from your tablet or smartphone.

  1. Access To Records That Occurred

High-quality videos, such as HDTV, serve as an adjunct to crime investigation, as high-resolution digital images are much sharper and can be viewed repeatedly without losing quality.

  1. Inhibition Of Theft And Robbery

The use of intelligent network cameras that detect movements and that have an active alarm against violations also contributes in an exceptional way to the rapid revelation of suspicious actions after business hours inside or outside the establishment, which ends up discouraging theft and robbery intentions.

  1. Quality And Safety In Customer Service

The images recorded through the video surveillance solution allow the evaluation and handling of user complaints and inhibit the occurrence of theft and robberies in the company’s physical spaces. All of this contributes to improving the customer experience and increasing the good performance of the business.

  1. Optimization Of Marketing Actions

The images capture people’s activities at the point of sale and demonstrate their buying behavior. Thus, you have the opportunity to identify the most popular spaces, optimize the arrangement of items and products in your store and count people. Another advantage is that it is possible to identify empty shelves in the images of the network cameras and alert the sales team about the need to replenish stocks. In the same way, it becomes feasible to inform when the queue is too long for more boxes to be opened.

In addition, monitoring through network video allows you to evaluate promotional and marketing campaigns. That’s because you can analyze whether the showcases, the shelves, and the internal signage attract customers, which allows a more accurate analysis of strategic marketing decisions to boost sales. We know that internal and external losses and fierce competition are some of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially in the retail segment. In this sector, video surveillance systems are traditionally used for protection and security. But now, with the application for more effective merchandising and other advantageous functions for any retail operation, the manager has the chance to give a new impetus to his business.


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