It’s occasionally disappointing to receive a canvas that is wrinkled once you purchase a paint-by-numbers kit. Shipment can leave severe cracks in the fabric that are challenging to repair if your number painting kit is just not wrapped correctly. Unfortunately, many low-cost merchants may bend the canvas instead of rolling it up instead of using an ineffective foam roll on the inside of the package to save on shipping expenses. That’s why, despite the minimal premium, we choose to transport our premium goods in PVC tubes to guarantee their excellent condition upon arrival. Here, we’ll go over several techniques, including ironing, to get the wrinkles out of your canvas. Check out this own photo paint by number

Can You Actually Iron a Canvas from a Number Painting Kit?

The quick response is “yes”! Paint by numbers can be applied to any surface of high quality. Canvases can indeed be ironed much like shirts because they are comprised of fabric (either linen or cotton). You must take into account a number of factors, including the degree of temperature and the quantity of vapor or water to employ.

First Approach: Let’s Iron That Canvas!

We use high-quality handwoven material for our paint by number canvases, and because of the packaging we use, you probably won’t ever need to iron them. But if you do, stick to these instructions because they are applicable to just about any canvas painting package.

  1. Place your canvas on a substantial towel.
  2. Use a tiny spray bottle to lightly spray the backside of the canvas.
  3. Just lightly moisten the fabric; do not drench it.
  4. Gradually iron over through the surface while continuing to move the iron.

Getting stretched the Tape-Down Canvas

Masking tape is a great tool for stretching a canvas that has wrinkles. All users will require is a firm board, this tape, and avoid using normal tape because it could leave stickiness on your work of art.

While you can normally iron canvas, you are unlikely to have access to iron to make the procedure simpler. Fear not! You can get more hints and techniques from Canvas by Numbers to find out how to remove creases from your canvas.

The Large Book Pile

Using a large collection of books to compress the sheet to the greatest extent feasible is one method for unwrinkling your artwork using a numbered canvas. Use thick, hefty books to apply pressure on the wrinkles after placing the canvases on a perfectly flat surface. For optimal effects, leave the bulky items on your artwork for at least 24 hours. If you do not possess any books, you can still compress the canvas into its original position by using other similar-looking and weighty objects. We never advise weighing heavily on your canvas with strange objects since you risk creating new wrinkles or dents. If in dispute, place these items on top of something like a wooden surface that has been placed over your canvas.

Putting Your Canvas in a Stretcher

Therefore, you are unable to iron your fabric, as well as the book technique will not be successful for you. We have yet another gimmick up our sleeves, so don’t worry. This one may seem apparent, but stretching the fabric out and maintaining that tension for a considerable amount of time is an excellent technique to get rid of the creases.

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