Four Important Factors to Consider When Picking Kitchen Tiles

Your kitchen is perhaps the busiest place in your home. So, when you design this area, you have to choose from a variety of options. One of the toughest decisions to make is which type of tiles fit your new kitchen. The tiles you choose are the main feature that defines your kitchen including splashback, floor, and wall options. Thankfully, a Club Ceramic tiles supplier can help you pick the best options for your project. They help you understand the benefits of some types of tiles and patterns. 

Your budget will affect your options for tiles; however, there are other things you must think about. These include the following:

Color Scheme

Did you know that your floor’s colour can transform the feel of your kitchen? If you want this space to feel comfortable and inviting, consider tiles in warm, earthy colours. But if you want it to feel clean and big, you should opt for cool or white-toned tiles. Just remember that your kitchen is a working space not just decorative. Although white-toned colours can make it feel clear, dark tiles can effectively conceal dirt and stains. 


Decorative floor tiles for kitchens can significantly affect the room’s visual feel. However, remember that the tile texture determines its everyday performance in your kitchen. While a high-gloss porcelain floor looks great, it tends to get slippery quickly while you cook. So, it is important to pick tiles with non-slip characteristics, particularly if you tend to cook frequently or have a kitchen that holds onto moisture. Because of this, you should consider matte finish or textured tiles for your kitchen.

The Overall Look of Your House

Examine the overall style of your house. Do you want to have some colour splashed around your house? If so, you should opt for bright and colourful tiles because they can create a smooth flow from one room to another. Also, colourful tiles can add personality and fun to your kitchen. If you want tiles in neutral colours, consider grey tiles due to their ability to mix well with other colours and let you brighten up the kitchen with attractive accessories.

The Areas to be Tiled

Before you pick kitchen tiles, you must consider where they will go exactly. For floor tiles, neutral colours are a popular option because of their durability. Also, they can be easily matched with other colours. But patterned floor tiles are also on-trend.

When it comes to wall tiles, there is no limit to your creativity. You can pick various colours, styles, and textures to add a feature to the kitchen or bring some life to it. Meanwhile, splashback tiles must be glossy, so they can be wiped easily after every cooking. 


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