In order to prepare for a new air conditioner installation in Scarborough, there are five factors to take into consideration.

A new air conditioner installation in Scarborough should be chosen after taking at least five factors into consideration. Air conditioning systems have a ten-year useful life expectancy in most cases. In the event that your air conditioner is more than eight years old and you’re paying exorbitant repair bills or high energy bills, it’s time to think about replacing it completely. Ignoring it and hoping that it will die is the worst thing you could do. The prospect of witnessing firsthand how bad the air may be without it is not something you want to experience.

  1. Efficient use of available energy

Using today’s air conditioning technology, you can reduce your cooling expenses by as much as 60 percent. When you consider that cooling costs account for the vast majority of residential and commercial energy bills, this is a significant accomplishment. Newer versions of the software make use of equipment with a minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 14. (seasonal energy efficiency rating). The SEER ratings of older units, even those that have only been in operation for a decade or less, are in the neighbourhood of 9. Greater energy efficiency and cost savings are indicated by higher figures.

Second, there is a money-back guarantee in place.

More expensive maintenance and repair costs are associated with older air conditioning units than with newer units. Because their warranties have frequently expired, it has become more difficult to replace parts on a budget in the past few years. While extended warranties are available, it is possible that replacement components will not be available at the time of purchase. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

As you may be aware, the use of R22 Freon is gradually being phased out. R410A is a refrigerant that is currently found in every cooling device on the market. Environment-related concerns accounted for the vast majority of the justifications for the change. The incompatibility of newer technology with older technology is complete in every sense. It is not possible to simply swap out older components for newer ones in a system. The only other option is to hire a contractor to perform air conditioner installation Scarborough services. What is the point of waiting?

Environmental Consciousness (No. 3)

The decision to phase out the use of R22 Freon is a positive step in the right direction in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. The HCFCs found in R22 contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. The ODP is not present in the newer R410A coolant (ozone deletion potential).

Currently, smaller equipment is used to handle large cooling operations. Because of this, there is less waste generated when a unit reaches the end of its useful life. Many new air conditioners are modular, which means they can be easily disassembled for cleaning, maintenance, and service. This makes them more energy efficient. A shorter amount of time is required as a result of the easier access, and labour costs are reduced as a result of this.

Fortunately, due to the ease with which modern air conditioning units can be disassembled and recycled, they can be done in a relatively short period of time. Today’s air conditioners contain a number of parts that are completely recyclable (almost 85 percent). Some models also include washable and reusable filters that are designed to last for an extended period of time.

  1. Freon R22 is a refrigerant (also known as R22).

In accordance with the manufacturer, it will only be produced in small quantities until 2022. It is reasonable to anticipate that items will become increasingly in demand and difficult to obtain as time progresses. When this happens, production will come to an abrupt halt, and no more will be produced. As soon as the last of the R22 Freon supply is depleted, the R22 Freon supply will be completely depleted as well!

R12 Freon was the predecessor to this refrigerant and cost more than $75 per pound when it was phased out. Did you know that on average, an air conditioner consumes approximately 12 pounds of electricity? At some point, all other coolants in air conditioners will be phased out and replaced with R410A. It is simply not feasible to spend a significant amount of money replacing Freon, which will be phased out in the near future. It is possible to use the money saved on energy expenses to purchase additional cooling equipment, and the money saved on energy expenses can be refunded.

  1. Indoor Air Quality in the Home

Air pollution is not only a problem in the open air, but also in enclosed spaces. Smoke, radon, mould, chemicals, and other contaminants can all have a negative impact on indoor air quality. In recent years, it has been demonstrated that indoor air pollution poses a real and significant health risk to those who live in their homes. A wide range of sources contribute to pollution, including construction materials, insulation, carpets and furniture, as well as cleaning products. Ventilation systems allow pollutants from the outside, such as automobile exhaust and chemicals from industrial plants, to enter the home.

Installing your new unit correctly is critical in order to get the most out of your investment. The first step toward achieving air conditioning efficiency, according to a Consumer Reports article from 2003, is to hire the most qualified air conditioner installation contractor in Scarborough. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a properly installed system.

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