The Warehouse and Factory Related Expenses in Thailand

When entrepreneurs or business owners plan to expand their business, the first thing they do is find a good warehouse or factory for rent. The main challenge here is finding a warehouse or factory that increases the chance of success. The main advantage of renting a factory or warehouse instead of buying it is, you will have the freedom to shift your business to wherever you want. Whether you want to find warehouses or a factory for sale, there are some good sites online that make your search easy.

Check genuine websites like Thaiindustrial if you want to know the details about the factories and warehouses for sale in Thailand. Before taking the warehouse and factory for rent Chachoengsao (โกดังให้เช่า ฉะเชิงเทรา, term in Thai), below are some related expenses about which you must know.

  • Deposit: Whether you want to rent a warehouse or a factory, it requires you to pay a certain deposit. This deposit can be the sum of 2 to 3 months’ rent. The deposit usually differs from landlord to landlord. The details related to the deposit will be mentioned in the agreement made between you and the landlord. When your contract expires or comes to an end, the landlord will return your rental deposit. Some landlords allow their tenants to negotiate, while some do not. However, you can always try to negotiate to see whether the landlord accepts your proposal or not.
  • Rent: When you rent a warehouse or a factory, it is obvious that you have to pay the rent to the landlord. Landlords would calculate the monthly rental cost based on the number of square meters. This means the rent depends on the property size and condition. Service fees, water costs, and taxes are typically excluded from the rent. The rental fee is the primary expense associated with renting a warehouse or a factory, so you should carefully consider this expense while making your decision. Before taking a warehouse or a factory for rent in Thailand know how the rental charges would be there.
  • Advance Payment: Another payment that most landlords ask the tenants to pay is advance payment in Thailand. This advance payment must not include more than 2 months’ rent. If a landlord asks for more advance payment, try negotiating.
  • Electricity and Water Bills: Those who rent a warehouse or a factory in Thailand need to pay for their electricity and water charges according to the units they use. Before you take a property for rent, it is essential to know about the utility rates to avoid last-minute surprises.
  • Maintenance Fee: In Thailand, the tenants are required to cover the expense of restoring the warehouse or factory’s condition to its actual condition before leaving. Following completion of this procedure, the landlord will give back your security deposit. As a result, you should set aside some money to cover this expenditure. If there are any repairs, you must pay for the same. When it comes to the repairs, the charges would be applied according to the agreement you have made. For example, if the landlord is responsible for repairs as per your agreement, you don’t have to pay for the same.

Follow the above tips and keep your money ready to make the whole renting process easy!

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