What makes New Metro City Gujar Khan so Distinctive?


Our readers and clients must be wondering what makes the New Metro City Gujar Khan so important that everyone is talking about it. What makes this housing project so distinctive and significant, and why do most real estate agencies praise it?

The answer is both simple and complex. The New Metro City Gujar Khan is a housing society which has so many essential features to offer to its investors. The name of the developers is something which counts a lot, and people can only rely on the projects or housing societies which are not frauds and money generators but are genuine and give good profit.

Similarly, there are high hopes for this project due to the project owner’s relationship with Mr Malik Riaz, a well-known real estate enterprise owner of Bahria Town all across the country.

There are many other features which have been discussed below which makes this project unique from the rest of the projects.

Best Locality

As per the developers and owners of this project, this housing complex’s locality is ideal. Only 30 minutes are needed to travel or drive to Pindi or the capital. Also, all the basic facilities of life like hospitals, schools, and shopping centres are within walking distance of this housing society which fascinates investors greatly.

According to multiple sources, the location of this society is that it is placed on Grand Trunk Road, which is the main highway that connects all the major cities and landmarks of Punjab. Because of this, society is close to all important areas and places.

Attainment of No Objection Certificate

The seriousness of the development of any society can be judged by its developers’ efforts for the No Objection Certificate of that very society. According to many sources, it has been confirmed that the developers are putting in serious efforts to make this society a legally approved one.

Once the NOC is achieved, the prices of society will also increase. The developers also claim to complete the developmental work before the given time.

Offering Luxury and Modernity

The main goal of BSM developers is to provide basic and modern facilities to future residents. One of the key features of New Metro City Gujar Khan is its modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. But they are also focusing on providing luxury in different ways.

A network of paved streets and highways will exist in society. According to the developers, there will be a commercial section in the society where people can access business opportunities and earn a living modernly. People looking for a quiet, cosy, yet accessible setting will find New Metro City the perfect spot to call home.

Affordable Prices

They want to give people secure investment opportunities as developers. They want to provide the inhabitants of Gujar Khan with a full community that may improve their quality of life and add value to their lives.

They have extensive experience in real estate development and have been successful in Gwadar Golf City. Not only basic but modern amenities are given, but at the moment the prices of plots are very low.

The investment cost at this point in time is cheaper than the rest of the societies, and only smart people know its worth. The demand will increase once society further develops, and a chance for even more increases in the price of plots will become a reality.


The above discussion clearly shows the distinctiveness and uniquity of this housing real estate project. Modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure will make this society stand out in the future.

The affordable payment plan at this point makes it a golden investment opportunity. Having easy access to the city’s main areas makes this location ideal for residents. We recommend you invest in this society at this point as the prices may be increasing in a very short time in the coming future.

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