Advantages of Seamless Floors

In recent years, more and more customers are choosing seamless floors as a solution for their warehouse or production. Let’s take a look at what this solution is, whether it has any advantages over traditional floors, and how much it might cost.

Benefits of seamless floors

Ultimately, despite the slightly higher cost of installing seamless floors, this solution is more cost-effective for the investor in the long run. So why choose seamless floors?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Savings due to the absence of costs for floor repairs
  • Savings on cutting and sealing seams
  • Higher bearing capacity
  • Improving the aesthetic characteristics of the floor
  • Unhindered movement of loading equipment
  • No damage to loading equipment
  • Low operating costs

Remember that possible seam repair is a rather costly undertaking. Therefore, the rejection of threaded seams immediately solves this problem. Seamless floors are much cheaper to maintain and much less likely to require repairs.

Why is it a better alternative?

Due to their fragility, floor coverings with seams are easily damaged due to temperature changes, during shrinkage, or when working with the help of technology. They are not resistant to the effects of aggressive substances or their components. Fogfria golv i Stockholm easily withstand any of the above points, do not lose their attractiveness and original appearance.

Such flooring does not affect the operation or suspension of specialized equipment, machines. Not collapsed from their wheels and weight. Repair of seams – a long and expensive process, so seamless coatings cost much cheaper both with the purchases itself and in the future maintenance. Seamless floors are very economical, do not require additional reinforcement. They practically do not require repair, easy to care for. Such floors are easy to clean, they are distinguished by their stylish design and high load-bearing capacity.


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