Do You Need a Roof Repair? Canga Restoration Can Help

Roofs often degrade dramatically during the day due to temperature fluctuations and the sun’s beams. Unsurprisingly, they are going to be fixed or replaced over time. Canga Restoration, a well-known provider of residential roofing services in Schaumburg, IL, is always ready to help you choose an expert. They are guaranteed to have an answer that improves the security of your house because they have over ten years of expertise in fixing roofs like yours.

Moss Growth

Have you ever seen a creeping green plant sprouting on your roof? This is most likely moss. Moss growing on or beneath the shingles suggests that it is time to replace your roof. While moss on the roof may appear to be a beautiful Instagram-worthy characteristic that will convert your property into a fairy tale hamlet in the woods, it also signifies the presence of a possible hazard.

Moss does not always imply that your roof has to be repaired right soon. Moss grows organically on or between the slates on some roofs, especially those that are moist or dark. Moss, however, could be pointing to a concealed hazard.

Moss is an issue because it collects and holds water during heavy rains. Water should be able to flow down the roof and through the gutters because that is the principal purpose of shingles. Moss prevents moisture from reaching its destination. As a result, the shingles may degrade.

Moss blocks water from getting through gutters, allowing it to seep through shingle layers, leading to problems such as flooding and mold development. This may aggravate your and your family’s breathing problems over time, as well as threaten the fundamental foundation of your home.

As a result, if you find moss on your roof, contact a roofing expert to have it removed and assessed for long-term damage. If mold is discovered, you may need to hire a mold remediation professional.

Spots of Light in the Attic

Is there any light coming through the beam fractures? If this is the scenario, some illumination is to be expected. The vents in your house’s gable, soffit, and ridge, for example, allow in very little light while still moving air in your attic.

Look for water stains and watch if they change over time when only a tiny amount of light enters. However, if there is significant water damage and there is an abundance of light in the attic, the roof will most likely need to be fixed. You should seek the advice of a roofing specialist.

The Age of the Roof

If your roof is getting old for its kind, it’s time to get a replacement quotation from a trustworthy and local roofing firm. You may either entirely replace your roof or simply overlay the current shingles if it has been covered with asphalt shingles.

Overlapping is the process of placing a fresh layer of tiles on top of an existing one. Although it is 25% more affordable than entirely changing the roof and giving your house a new look, in most cases, removing the current roof and beginning over is preferable.

Whatever the reason, let the experts at Canga Restoration get you back on track. They can provide you with an analysis and a clear-cut solution based on over a decade of community service. With them on your team, you can anticipate being able to live in residence for a lengthy amount of time that is safe, comfortable, and free of harm.


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