Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Clean Your Velvet Carpets

Adding velvet Curtain to any room is sure to add an exotic persona and a sense of elegance to that space. Not only these curtains are known for their richness, they also offer complete privacy because of their dense material. The only downside of installing velvet curtains is they require proper care and maintenance because of their ability to attract pollutants and dust. The irresistible texture of your velvet curtains begins to dull with time. And this is something very normal. You can maintain the natural shine of these curtains by integrating them into your weekly routine plan.

Let’s have a look at some cleaning tips to clean your velvet curtains.

  • Vacuuming Once A Week

Vacuuming your velvet curtains once a week using a wand and a soft brush attachment can maintain their originality. Before you do that, stretch one panel across the window to determine the nap’s direction. Then move the brush head in the direction of the velvet fibers with a low-suction setting. Working against the nap’s direction may make your velvet curtains look tattered.

  • Read The Manufacturer’s label and Identify Safe Cleaning Solutions for Your Velvet Curtains

Before treating the stains on velvet curtains, it is very important to first test the potential cleaning solutions because of the delicate nature of the fabric. To begin, carefully read the manufacturer’s label. If it says dry-clean only, using water can ruin the velvet’s texture.

For other velvet curtains, prepare a solution by mixing a few drops of gentle dish detergent into a cup of water. Moisten the cloth or sponge in a solution, wring it, and gently apply it to the affected/stained area. Once the solution dries, check the color of the fabric. If it has damaged or changed, add a tablespoon of baking soda to ½ cup of lemon juice and mix well. Apply this solution again to the affected part.

  • Revive Velvet Curtains With A Steamer

For dull or pale velvet curtains, run the steamer over the fabric in the opposite direction of the nap with the lowest heat setting. The steam can revive the original color and luster of your velvet curtains by lifting the velvet fibers. If you don’t have a steamer, place your velvet curtains in a large tub filled with hot water. Never iron these curtains, as it can crush the nap.

Velvet curtains can elevate any space with their soft and luxurious luster. However, they require frequent maintenance to keep their elegance. As velvet is a specialized fabric, it is advisable to give your velvet curtains to professional curtain cleaners. It is good to get these curtains dry-cleaned at least once a year to maintain their luster and durability. A light steaming on the back can revive the original look and texture of these curtains. One more thing you can do to increase the life of your velvet curtains is to quickly remove the stains as soon as you see them. This is how you can enhance their lifespan and original look!


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