Maintaining Your Garage Door: Tips from Chippewa Falls Experts

With the changing seasons in Chippewa Falls, it’s common to adjust our wardrobes, vehicles, and homes to accommodate the shifting weather conditions. Yet, an often overlooked area for seasonal maintenance in our homes is the garage door. Understanding the impact of seasonal changes on your garage door is essential, considering its significance in providing security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal to our homes.

Our Lakeland Overhead team is ready to provide valuable insights and tips for maintaining your garage door’s optimal condition throughout the year.

Spring and Summer: The Perfect Seasons for Maintenance and Refreshing

With the arrival of spring and summer, now is the ideal time to focus on maintaining your garage door. During these seasons, we experience a change in weather and the possibility of severe weather, such as heavy rain and storms. Here are some helpful suggestions to get your garage door ready for the upcoming months:

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your garage door functioning smoothly, especially during the winter months. Thoroughly examine springs, cables, rollers, and other hardware to identify any indications of damage or deterioration. Lubricate moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth operation.

Ensure a thorough cleaning of the door using a gentle detergent and water. When inspecting wood doors, look carefully for any indications of water damage or warping. Regarding steel doors, it’s important to know of any rust spots that may require sanding, priming, and painting.

Ensure the Weatherstripping is in good condition. The seal surrounding your garage door prevents water and pests from entering. To maintain the dryness and security of your garage, it is recommended that you replace any cracked or brittle components for optimal results.

Fall: Getting Ready for the Chilly Season

With the changing of the leaves, it’s important to prepare your garage door for the upcoming colder months. The decrease in temperature and the possibility of snow and ice can pose difficulties for garage doors.

Proper Balance: A well-balanced garage door is essential for smooth operation, especially in colder temperatures. Detach the opener by grasping the release handle (typically a cord of a distinct color) and manually elevate the door to a halfway position. If it doesn’t stay put, the balance might be off, and it’s time to seek assistance from an expert.

Proper Sealing: Take a moment to inspect the area between the door and the sides of the garage for any gaps. These can allow cold air to enter, decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. Weatherstripping and seals can be replaced to ensure a more efficient and effective barrier against the cold.

Power Outages: Winter storms often result in electricity loss. It’s important to become familiar with your garage door’s manual operation and consider getting a battery backup for your garage door opener.

Winter: Continued Diligence

During the winter season, it is important to consistently monitor your garage door to ensure it functions properly despite the cold weather and snowfall.

Ensuring a clear area is important to remove any snow and ice around the garage door to prevent it from freezing shut or causing issues with its sensors.

It is important to regularly monitor the sensors at the bottom of the door to ensure they are not obstructed by snow or ice, as this can prevent the door from closing properly. Please ensure that these sensors are kept clear for optimal operation.

Be attentive to any unusual sounds or movements when the door operates. Severe weather conditions can intensify preexisting problems, making them more apparent and simpler to identify.

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At Lakeland Overhead Door Sales & Service LLC, we recognize the significance of a properly maintained garage door in Chippewa Falls. Seasonal changes can impact your door, but with the help of reliable garage door services in Chippewa Falls, WI, you can keep it working and looking great all year long. If you encounter any problems or would like expert assistance, our team is available to provide support. Stay on top of the changing seasons, and ensure your garage door is ready to handle any weather.

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