Reasons To Hire A Telehandler

One of the most reliable and versatile pieces of plant hire equipment is the telehandler. The best plant lease companies will always have the latest, safest and most effective models of telehandler for you to choose from. Telehandlers are a staple presence within myriad sectors and industries, so the chances are, if you are looking for a plant hire company to help furnish your project with a telehandler, you’ll find one suitable to your specific project site, and tasks. Choosing whether to buy a telehandler or hire one is a decision you alone should make, but there are many benefits to plant hire that cannot be ignored.

What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is a hybrid of a crane and a forklift, on fourwheels, it is the perfect piece of machinery to manoeuvre all sorts of rough terrain, whilst also offering you the capabilities to lift large and awkward loads to great heights. A telehandler is designed with a boom that is extendable to reach heights of around 14 metres depending on the model, and these booms can be used to add a wide variety of attachments such as forks. What this means is that a telehandler can be used in a wide variety of ways.

What are the benefits of telehandler hire?

The benefits of telehandler hire are numerous, including:

Versatility – there are a wide variety of applications and uses for a telehandler operator. The addition of attachments widens the scope of use even further. You can use a telehandler as a forklift, a crane, you can attach snow ploughs, skips, buckets, and countless other attachments.

Big capacities–telehandler hire provides the capabilities to lift extremely heavy loads to great heights. The beauty of this is that a telehandler can handle big loads, but they are more portable than hiring in a traditional forklift or crane to perform the same task. They are ideal for moving large capacity loads from the ground to high platforms.

Emissions–the latest models of telehandler hire provide the best emission cutting capabilities, which is vitally important in the modern world where every company within every industry is working towards cutting emissions to meet net zero targets.

Other benefits of hiring

Alongside the benefits of the telehandler itself, there are a few other reasons to think about using a plant hire company to hire a telehandler from. These include:

  • Fitting delivery of machines to your project schedule, minimising delays and disruption
  • The plant hire company takes care of all maintenance and repair between hires
  • Training manuals and potential operated-plant hire in some circumstances
  • The latest models for higher safety standards and greater effectiveness

Working withreputable plant hire companies to help find the telehandler that you need for your project is vitally important. A telehandler provides you with the perfect combination of a forklift and a crane, helpful to work on rough terrain, to lift and move large, awkward capacities of loads to significant heights.  If you need the use of telehandlers for different tasks and project types over the coming months, make an agreement with a plant hire specialist and you’ll have access to expert advice and guidance to help you choose the right type of telehandler for each specific project, with the highest safety standards and the best delivery policies to fit your own schedules and site locations.


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