Tips for Adding Home Value with Your Garden 


A valuable property and everything valuable about it certainly doesn’t stop at the front door. It is well-known among even the most novice trainee realtor that so much of a property’s value is in fact determined by things that exist outside of the house itself. For those in the know, these factors that affect value fall into two categories. The first of these is that which is known as “external obsolescence”, referring to everything external to the property that affects the property’s value, but which cannot be influenced by the property owners. External obsolescence includes factors like the cleanliness of the street, the quality of the local schools, the state of the local park, and the various amenities that are within walking distance. All these will have a pronounced effect on property value, but you cannot do anything about them. 

The second category of external factors are the ones you certainly can do something about. There is of course the front lawn of the property, the back yard of the property, and everything else natural which adorns the outside of the home and its immediate vicinity. In fact, the garden is where the biggest changes can be made – and the most value added. 

Get The Right Realtor 

Many of these things that are sure to boost the value of your home can be surmised pretty easily. A tidy lawn filled with beautiful vegetation is better than one gone to seed; a varnished front door with hanging floor pots on either side is better than one with chipped paint; and so on. However, the relative effect that each of these factors has is not something static – it changes like the wind. 

CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage specializing in high value homes, say that the best way to make the most judicious changes to your outside area is to attend to the changes which will add the most value in the current market climate. And to know what these are – or are soon to be – the expertise of a good realtor is indispensable. Will a hedgerow around the perimeter of your front lawn add more value than a paved driveway leading to your garage? A professional broker will be able to tell you. 

Value-Adding Tips for Your Garden 

So, maintaining our focus on the most significant outdoor feature of most properties – the garden – here are some realtor-approved value-adding changes you can make:

Present the Garden Well 

Your garden has to look its best. The important thing is to have it looking its best right when the viewing is happening. Accordingly, arrange these viewings in the summer when everything is in bloom, be sure the lawn is freshly mown, and that garden furniture is presented tidily.

Balance Practical and Entertainment Features

What is a garden for? It is for entertaining guests, but also for growing tomatoes in the greenhouse; it is for children playing on the lawn, but also for fixing up a bike in the shed. You should show off both sides.

Add a Water Feature 

To finish with something that is currently a sure value-adder in most housing markets, it’s advisable to add a water feature of some sort to your garden. By consulting with a realtor, you can determine if the amount you will spend on it exceeds the value it will add. In most cases, the calculation will work out nicely in your favor. 

As well as being filled with value-adding potential, the front and back gardens of your property are also part of that all-important first impression. You have to get it right.


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