What Does Surface Preparation for Laying Resin Bound Driveway Entail? 

Before installing the resin bound mix, prepare the laying surface. That will ensure the driveway serves you effectively for a long time. Ease of maintenance, durability, and functionality also depend on proper preparation. Never install resin bound system without an intensive survey of the site. That is necessary to unveil the problems likely to destroy your paving in the long run. That is why seeking the assistance of experienced contractors is a good idea.

The contractors always prepare adequately before executing any project. They will alert the clients regarding the problems likely to affect the installation process. They also can’t risk providing poor-quality resin driveway to their esteemed customers. That will ruin their hard-earned reputation. To avoid that, they will ensure your surface is perfect before laying the mix. During preparation, your service provider will consider the following aspects.

Adding a Step Detail 

The contractors are aware the driveway designs for prospective clients always differ. Hence, they are always ready to work on any design. Inform the professional if you intend to add or remove the step detail in your resin bound paving. Although this task is complicated, these professionals have the required skills and equipment. They will perfectly prepare the surface to add the steps. They will make sure the mixture is laid uniformly, thereby making your driveway beautiful.


It is insensible to install resin bound on a cracked surface. That will cause it to loosen after a short period. Heavy vehicles will be using the driveway, but a cracked surface cannot sustain such pressure. To strengthen it, you will have to seal the cracks. When contractors detect these faults, they will cover them using a cross-layer membrane. That will give the resin bound a smooth surface for perfect bonding.

Repair the Surface 

Installing a resin bound on a damaged surface will culminate in a massive loss. That is because it will reduce its durability drastically. Hence, the contractor will check the surface closely for damages. Any damage found will be scrapped off at 200-millimeter depth. After that, they will be raised using a 100-millimeter layer of mechanically compressed hardcore and a 100-millimeter layer of concrete. That will boost the capacity of the resin driveway to handle immense pressure.

Boundary Edge 

Installing an edge on the boundary is necessary to protect the resin bound. The resin will be exposed to destruction after the removal of the boundary. Setting up a good edge is essential, especially if the driveway is close to the fence. When the fence is moved or removed, it will expose the resin bound to destruction. Make sure your resin bound is well-protected from any destruction by using a boundary edge.

Clean Surface 

This factor is the last to check before installing resin bound paving. It is necessary after completing other preparations and repairs. The professionals recommend using a jet wash to remove every debris and organic material. After washing, you should dry the surface properly. That is vital because resin doesn’t mix with water.

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