What is food production?

Food production is the process of converting raw food items into finished substances. This is one of the main processes for the food industry. Production of food needs to be done properly. There are a number of things that the food industry has to do before the food production process.

What is the method of food production?

There are different methods used by the food industry to produce food.

  • Slicing
  • Cutting or chopping
  • Boiling
  • Marinating
  • Fermenting
  • Emulsifying
  • Steaming

There are many more methods of food production but these are some very common methods.

Equipment used for the production of food

Food production needs to be done properly and this is why the right equipment is very necessary to use. There are a lot of machines that are used by the food industry to process the food.

  • Preparation equipment

Cleaning: This is a process used by the manufactures for the preparation of raw materials. The cleaning process consists of two other processes which are wet and dry. This is the first step of preparation. 

Grading: This is another process that is used to prepare the raw materials. This helps in determining the quality of the materials.

Skinning: By skinning or peeling, the inedible part of the food is removed to make the final product look and taste better.

Sorting: It is the last process for preparation. This helps in removing the undesirable and inedible material out of the raw materials.

  • Mechanical processing equipment: Mechanical processing operation also has certain operations such as crushing, cutting and forming.

Size reduction: This is a process in which the size of the food particle is reduced through a mechanical process. Crushing and chopping are two processes used for this. There are different equipment used for both of these processes.

Size enlargement: This is a process through which the average size of the food particle is increased to make it bigger than its natural form.

Mixing: This is the process through which a certain consistency of mixture is achieved. There are different methods used for doing the same.

Different types of food machines are used for different processes in food production. Equipment plays a huge role in the production of food. There are different steps in the process of food production and for all these processes, different equipment is used. This is why production of food is one of the main and also one of the most complex steps of the process of food processing and manufacturing. A number of products and equipment are used.

This is a process that takes the most time in the whole process of making the food. In this, the preparation takes the longest as it is very important to prepare the raw materials very carefully so that the final product turns out to be good. This is why the food industry uses different and expensive equipment to produce and process food. If the production of food is not done properly, the rest of the process will also not be able to make the final product the best. 



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