Why Homeowners Should Hire a Professional to Clean Smoke Damage in Sarasota

Due to Covid-19, more people in Sarasota Florida are staying inside. Since then, the number of house fires have increased significantly. The unfortunate event of a person’s home catching on fire can be extremely devastating. Even if the fire fighters arrive on time and extinguish the flames before the fire can do further damage to the home, there is more to take care of once they leave. A fire can leave lasting damage to the whole estate. Without hiring a professional to clean the smoke damage from the home, nothing will ever be the same. To clean smoke damage properly, it takes significant manpower and experience to be done.

Hiring a professional to clean smoke can prevent ongoing damages. Ash and smoke are left behind from the flames, and can take over the home. Once the home is overtaken by smoke, the property structure is at risk for many years to come unless a professional cleans the smoke. Smoke can lead to discoloration, corrosion, and odor that is tough to get rid of.

The ash and smoke damage will resume and get worse over time. This is why homeowners need to take action right after the event of the fire takes place. Waiting too long to clean the smoke will result in more damage. Homeowners should not attempt to clean smoke themselves because it will end up being a waste of time and can be a risk to their health. Only experienced professionals will truly know how to clean smoke properly and restore the home to what it once was.

Fire leaves behind an extremely difficult to breathe environment inside the home due to the odor. Clean smoke damage professionals have the right training and equipment that is needed to cancel out the smoky odor left behind. Once the restoration is completed, the home is safe to breathe and live in again.

The professionals will perform a thorough inspection of the home, as ash and smoke can be found in unexpected places. The team will know exactly where to look and will be able to repair each of the problems left behind quickly.

VetCor, located in Sarasota, is a team of veterans of the U.S. Military who handle restoration. When hired to clean smoke, all affected areas are addressed with specialty cleaning techniques in accordance with industry standards of care, and speciality filtration equipment is employed to remove residual smoke odors. Their commitment is a 2-hour maximum response time from notification of the loss, and thorough of the mitigation process.

Call VetCor in Sarasota today for all emergency services 1-844-VetCor1(838-2671).

Reasons why homeowners need to hire a professional to clean smoke in Sarasota



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