9 Crucial Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Before Winter

Winter may be a fun time to do some snowboarding, sledding, skiing, and other outdoor activities that come with the season. But fun as it may be, snow can sometimes give you quite a headache because there are many factors to consider regarding home maintenance.

The task of achieving worry-free winter days can be daunting at times. But with proper planning and implementing precautionary measures, you will indeed have a merry winter.

To get you through the chill, here are nine crucial chores you must do before the frost comes knocking at your door.

Weatherproofing doors and windows

Weatherproofing your doors and windows is an essential step to prepare your home for the cold.

In the months leading to winter, you can check and inspect the windows and doors for gaps that might cause breakage. You must seal them up to ensure protection from strong winds and possible snowstorms.

If the damage is too extensive for a repair, you might want to consider replacing them instead.

Prevent your sump pump from freezing

A sump pump plays a vital role for houses throughout the year, whatever the season.

But winter can pose a significant risk to your home’s function. For one, if the pump freezes, water drains under your residence won’t be adequately pushed away. It could damage your house’s foundation, causing long-term problems that will need extensive repairs.

Prevent your sump pump from freezing by adding some insulation and keeping the water flow running.

Have your roof inspected

Before a snowstorm hits the ground, it hits your roof first.

Sometimes even strong winds brought about by the change in season could also damage your roof. The best thing that you can do to ensure a safe shelter for you and your family during the cold months is to check whether it needs repairs or replacement.

You can avoid worrying about damages once the cold settles in by spotting potential problems as early as possible.

Clean out your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters must be done regularly, but most especially right before the winter arrives. Clogged drains can cause ice dams, a significant source of distress for homeowners.

It’s one of the significant winter effects that you should address even before the season starts. Ice dams can tear off your gutters and damage your shingles. Water might flow back into your house, which can cause indoor flooding. We don’t want that to happen to anyone.

So as a precaution, make sure to check your gutters for any damage. Clear them out and repair them if necessary to prepare your home for the frosty months to come.

Check your chimney

One prominent feature of a house that’s crucial during the winter is a chimney. It’s a great source of warmth and comfort, especially when the biting cold envelops the surroundings.

A fireplace is often overused during the season, so to ensure quality and safety, have it inspected by a professional. If you can assess at least months before it becomes wintry, that would be optimal. It’s a great measure to avoid fires caused by chimney damage, therefore, keeping your house safe from any accidents.

Besides, a blocked chimney can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Clean the dryer vents

Another overused fire hazard during the winter is a dryer. It is one of the most common residential fire causes, with over 15,000 cases each year.

To reduce the risk, clean the vents by removing the excessive lint build-up that can cause blockages and overheating. Doing so, it could improve the efficiency of energy in your household.

You can hire a professional to do this to get the job right, or you can do it yourself. But before doing it on your own, carefully read the manual first and follow all the necessary steps for maintenance.

Change your ceiling fan blades’ direction

If you have a ceiling fan at home, a helpful trick that you can use during the cold season is to switch the direction of the blades to run clockwise. It can surprisingly impact the way heated air is pushed down.

During the winter, comfort should be a top priority. And if you can do something to elevate the warmth, you should use your ceiling fans to help you achieve that.

Inspect outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is beneficial during the season. It could help prevent falls and accidents from ice-clad walkways and even driveways.

Make sure to check them if they are still functioning correctly or if they need a battery change. For extra measure, you can also add new lights outside to make you feel safer, especially at night or during the wee hours.

Prune and trim your trees

Trees that have proximity to your residence must be pruned and trimmed right before winter comes. It can hit your home, causing severe damage to your roof, windows, or even walls. It can also cause a power outage, which in our book, is not at all helpful during the cold months.

According to Maid Sailors cleaning services NYC, it’s a good idea to remove any dead limbs that could easily fall onto your roof once the snow hits. You must also hire a specialist to check if your tree still has enough solid foundation to battle strong winds and snowstorms.

Final Thoughts

You don’t want to do home maintenance in the middle of the winter for overflowing reasons.

One, the task could be a lot harder to complete given the biting cold. Two, time is your enemy. You can’t wait for your maintenance guy to repair the damage and sleep through the night with a broken window or door during the winter. The chill could cause health concerns for you and your family.

Just think about the inconvenience the season could cause you if you don’t act even before it arrives.

Regular maintenance is one thing; prevention is another.


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