Adding Bathroom Sanitation Devices

The bathroom is the room in the house that gets the most significant use. We have a lot of traffic in this area, whether we’re heading to the restroom or having a shower. Even if we use the toilet to help us stay clean, it may be contaminated with bacteria and leave us less sanitary than we expected.

You’d be surprised at how many pieces of equipment or processes we utilize that end up distributing germs rather than removing them. There are, however, various strategies available to assist us in getting back on track, enabling even the most dependent individual to feel at ease.

Hand Drying Machines

We need a way to dry our hands after we wash them. In most homes, this consists of a towel draped beside the sink. While this is advantageous, consider how many others use the same towel. Worse, do you remember the last time it was turned off?

Over time, hand towels can gather soap and bacteria. In this context, wiping your hands with a towel is the same as not washing your hands at all. Instead, consider installing a hand drier in the restroom. You’ve likely seen and used them in a number of public areas. As you move your hands, the sensors emit hot air, allowing you to perform the job hands-free.

Excellent Bath Mats

Bath mats are commonly used to keep the bathroom floor tidy and to reduce dangers such as slipping. Although many people appreciate the look and feel of a fluffy cotton mat, it may do more harm than good. Because mold and mildew spores feed on damp locations, this material can stimulate mold and mildew growth when wet. The ultimate result is foul odors and respiratory problems.

Instead, choose longer-lasting carpets made of eco-friendly materials. Bamboo and cork are two good choices to consider since they dry much faster. They may also make your bathroom appear more modern. If you keep cotton mats, make sure to replace them on a regular basis and clean them in hot water.


You can’t resist using the bathroom, and once you’ve released yourself, you’ve almost certainly dried off with toilet paper. Although it achieves its objective, it is not a hygienic technique. By cleaning your genitals and anal regions back and forth, you may be transmitting bacteria that might cause sickness.

This is why, in some countries, bidets are utilized instead of regular toilets. After using the toilet, spraying water helps you to swiftly target any residual urine or fecal particles, leading to a thorough cleaning. Swan Toilets, for example, has elevated the standard for bidets by making all parts of the toilet operation hands-free.

The remote control on the Swan S Pro allows you to customize your entire experience, such as heating the seat and automatically opening and shutting it. Because it is a self-cleaning toilet, even the filthy and unpleasant duty of cleaning the device is eliminated!

Other Things to Consider

Along with specific setup tweaks, you may also make some lifestyle changes. Turning on a fan after you shower is a great idea to remember since it dries off the walls and reduces moisture, which can lead to mold formation. To avoid similar issues, remember to replace the shower or tub liner once a month.

With so many different ideas and strategies available, there is no need to overlook the cleanliness of your bathroom. Despite the fact that certain options are more costly, the advantages of leaves make them preferable.

When you pick a device like the Swan S Pro, you are aiding your loved ones not just in terms of health but also in regard to accessibility. Because it is hands-free, it is suitable for anyone who requires assistance or has a handicap. If the price concerns you, you should know that financing is available on the Swan Toilets website!

Our health is essential, and our homes should do their part to protect it. You can drastically minimize the number of germs in your home with a little inventiveness and some toilet changes.


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