How to Stop Your Porta Potty Rental from Smelling?

Porta Potty Rental

Porta-potty rentals are common at construction sites and outdoor events, where there is a high volume of people. While they are often necessary, they can also be smelly and unpleasant. In this article, we will discuss how to stop your porta-potty rental from smelling. By following these tips, you can make sure that your porta potties are clean and fresh smelling!

1. Use Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can be a great way to keep your porta potties smelling fresh. You can buy small, disposable air fresheners that can be hung inside the porta potty, or you can use a more permanent solution like an automatic air freshener dispenser. For the best results, place air fresheners near the entrance of the porta potty so that they will be activated when someone enters. This will help to mask any smells that might be present inside the porta-potty.

2. Use Deep Blue Products

Deep blue products are designed to eliminate odors, not just mask them. They use a unique formula that breaks down odor-causing molecules, leaving the area smelling fresh and clean. They are safe to use in porta-potties and will not harm the septic system. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand how to keep a porta-potty clean and fresh as it removes all traces of bacteria. Just remember to disinfect areas that people commonly touch, like door handles, hand sanitizer dispensers, and toilet seats.

3. Keep Air Out

If the odor is present in your porta potties, it is because there is a build-up of air inside. This can happen if the porta potties are not used for an extended period of time or if they need to be ventilated properly. To prevent this from happening, make sure to open the porta-potty doors and windows regularly to allow fresh air to circulate. You can also leave a small exhaust fan running inside the porta-potty to help circulate the air. This will not only help to eliminate odors, but it will also help to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew.

To Conclude

Now you know how to properly maintain your porta potty rental and keep it smelling fresh. By following the simple tips above, you can be sure that your porta potty will be an asset to your event, not a liability. If you are planning an event soon, consider contacting a professional company for porta potties for events in Atlanta to ensure everything goes smoothly. They will be able to deliver the porta potties to your event and pick them up when you are done.