Learning About Knife Sharpening and Maintenance

Did you know that a dull kitchen knife is more dangerous than a sharp one? That’s because you must put in more effort to cut through that blunt metal! The blade does not look dull; instead, what happens in the mechanics of the edge of a dull knife is that the edge begins to fold on its own over time when cutting or chopping.

There are also many reasons why any knife becomes dull over time.

For example, a cutting board can dull a knife over time. Edge-cut wooden cutting boards are best for keeping the knife blade sharp. A wooden cutting board that shows the end of the fiber allows you to cut or chop in the grooves of the end of the fiber, thus maintaining the sharpness of the blade.

Knock blades can require maintenance faster than ever in many homes with plastic, ceramic, or tempered glass cutting boards. Dishwashers also help dull knife blades. Hot water, chemicals, and dishwasher movement can damage even stainless steel cutlery. Have a knife sharpener in the kitchen to reorient the cutting edge to its correct or unfolded position, restoring your knife’s edge.

Part of being a good chef in your kitchen is taking care of your knives. Knife sharpening Singapore is a beneficial skill, and it is easy to sharpen your knives at home if you have the right sharpening tools for your type of knife. When looking for the best types of knife sharpeners on the market today, try to find a sharpener with two stones; The main reason is that a double stone sharpener is the best design because it can be challenging to sharpen a knife evenly using only one stone.

The electric knife sharpener consists of two rotating stones inside the device. With a two-stone electric sharpener, the best and safest way to sharpen is to place the knife up to the handle in the sharpener with the blade edge down and away from you. Move the handle of the knife towards you in smooth, sharp movements. The smooth, steady motion ensures an even result as you work on both sides of the knife at the same time.

The manual knife sharpener has the shape of a cross into which the knife is placed. Move the handle of the knife towards you in smooth, sharp movements. The smooth, steady motion ensures an even result as you work on both sides of the knife at the same time.


To avoid injury, follow these precautions every time you handle a knife, especially when sharpening it. Always watch the edge of the blade. Be very careful that as the knife slides through the sharpener, it does not slide toward the operator as it exits the sharpener.

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