Professional Chimney Cleaning Can Keep Your Family Safe – Learn How

Keeping a house clean and well-maintained is an essential responsibility of all homeowners, but some things are best left to professionals, such as chimney cleaning. Professionals have the right tools, equipment, and training for the job. They offer a perfect sweep and use the correct practices of safety.

Here’s how hiring a professional chimney services company can keep your family safe:

Certified Professional Cleaners

The primary benefit of choosing professional chimney cleaning over yourself is getting certified and trained cleaners. Chimneys can have many health hazards. Therefore, specific training and regulations are offered by relevant authorities such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG).

Their trained professionals adhere to the best practices of chimney cleaning, and they also guide homeowners regarding the safer ways of using a fireplace.

Removal of Hazardous Byproducts

The incomplete burning of wood in a fireplace transforms into soot and creosote, two hazardous substances for your health and safety. Soot is a deep black flaky powder consisting of carbon. If inhaled or ingested, it can cause asthma, breathing issues, and other health diseases. Creosote is a tar-like sticky substance deposited on the chimney flue, forming a thick coating inside. It’s a flammable substance and can catch fire if not cleaned properly, further damaging the house.

While cleaning your chimney, you’re not only exposing yourself to these dangerous elements, but you might not clean it properly. Leftover particles still pose a risk to your health and safety, and professional cleaners understand the risks involved and have the experience to eliminate them. Besides creosote and soot, they also remove other byproducts that are not good for your health.

Maintain Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is a crucial function of chimneys. It ensures the proper passage of smoke and vapors from the fireplace to outside the home. Over time, dirt, debris, birds’ nests and other elements block the chimney flues and don’t offer enough ventilation for smoke to pass through, and it can leak into the home instead. This smoke contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas that is invisible and odorless, so you won’t know if it’s inside your home. The accumulated debris residue can also act as kindling and may start a fire if it comes into contact with loose embers.

When hiring a professional for your chimney sweep, they ensure that your chimney gets enough ventilation to allow the regular escape of dangerous byproducts and smoke. They will also install a high-quality chimney cap, a covering placed around the flue opening on the roof to keep animals and debris out.

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Helps with Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspections are essential to make necessary repairs and optimize the fireplace’s performance. The soot, creosote and other obstructions in chimney flue can interfere with a successful inspection. After a professional chimney sweep, when flue, damper, smoke shelf, and all other components are cleared out, it’s easy for chimney inspectors to detect issues. Early detection can help you save your chimney from extensive damage and rebuilding costs.

Routine Cleaning

In the United States, over 87% of residential fires are caused by chimneys, showing how dangerous fireplaces can be if you’re not careful. Chimney cleaning is not a one-time process. Besides regular cleaning, it also needs a deep clean by professionals once or twice a year (depending on your chimney’s age). You may forget to schedule a cleaning session amidst other responsibilities, resulting in unforeseen events.

Nevertheless, a professional fireplace service company would keep track of everything. They’d let you know when it’s time for cleaning and offer routine services.

Sleep With Peace of Mind

Many fires start when people sleep in their houses, and they fail to put them out before too much damage is done to the house. When you know that a reliable chimney repair company is taking care of your fireplace, you will sleep with peace of mind without any dangers of fire or hazardous gases in the air.

In addition, proper chimney cleaning regularly helps enhance its structural integrity and performance.

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Authorities suggest professional cleaning and inspection of your chimneys at least once a year to maintain safety. You may think that cleaning it yourself would save you from expenses, but it’ll put you in danger, not to forget the mess it will create, and you don’t get the same results as professionals.


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