Table lamps- Things to keep in mind while purchasing

A small lamp in the corner of your house can change the aesthetic of your home. It can make it look exquisite and classy. However, it is also essential that you choose the right fit for your home. Just buying any lamp and placing it in your home won’t enhance your interiors. Mostly when you renovate your home and hire an interior decorator. He selects a lamp that is blending with your entire room interior but if you are choosing to buy Union Lighting table lamps on your own, consider some factors to make it your perfect fit. Here are some tips to look for before choosing a lamp for your home:

  • The shape of the lamp

You will find many shapes of table lamps, there are traditional, contemporary and modern designs. Looking at your interior and the space where you want to place the lamp you should purchase. The shape of the lamp will determine if it enhances your interior or looks odd. 

  • Diameter of the lamp

A lamp that is too big for a small area will make it look clumsy. You should check the diameter, i.e., the base of the lamp and see if it will fit in the designated space. Measure the space properly and choose a lamp that is smaller than the area where you’ll place it.

  • Height or shade of the lamp

The shade of the lamp should be larger than its base because it will make it look ugly. Also when it comes to the height of the lamp, do not buy a lamp that is very tall for areas like your bedside. Whereas, a tall lamp would look elegant in your room corner. So, select the height and shade depending on the space.

  • Select the right color

A bright color lamp for an aesthetic room will look disastrous. For instance, if you have a warm interior look for a color that matches your room interior. This will enhance your room’s feel and won’t attract weird attention. You can still choose an odd size or shape but not the wrong color. 

If you are planning to renovate your home and are confused about small details like lamps, you can talk to an interior designer. Small detailings in your home can increase the beauty of the space. The correct lighting, color-coordinated interior, right size and shape of the interior can make a huge difference. Another factor that you should consider when buying a lamp is the energy they consume. We are moving towards a sustainable future and it is our responsibility to ensure that we save energy. Thus, before purchasing a lamp check if it is energy-conserving.


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