Tips for Moving in Winter 

The property market certainly has seasons, and this is something which anybody navigating homes for sale, whether in Salt Lake City, Jacksonville, or elsewhere, will usually consider before making their move. However, success usually has no timescale and can come along at any time. This brings with it a whole host of specific considerations which are intimately related to the working of the property market. Nevertheless, sometimes the issue raised by selling a home can be much more banal – what if you need to move out in the dead of winter? 

CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage out of Salt Lake City, say that this is a pretty common occurrence, but it comes with plenty of challenges you won’t encounter at other times of year.

One of the reasons why there isn’t actually as much advice on this out there as you’d expect, is that the winter is not the most common time of year when homes sell. In fact, this is the spring, with the summer coming a close second. 

Part of the reason for this is that homes can be more attractively presented in warmer months, when the garden is in bloom and the weather casts the home in a more favorable light. There’s also the simple fact that people tend to do more living in their homes when the weather’s cold and prefer to move out when it’s more clement. 

Challenges of Moving Out in Winter 

But what are the unique challenges of moving out in the wintertime? A great deal of these revolves around transport, specifically the transport of your possessions through the removal service. It should come as no surprise that this is a serious work of logistics, and trucks loaded with expensive and heavy furniture travelling down icy roads at speed does not inspire the most confidence. 

There’s also the fact that moving out is a process, and packing normally starts long before the final moving out date. A spare home with all the furniture packed away in boxes and rugs lifted is going to be colder. And, even if heating picks up this slack, it’s simply not as comfortable – and people like comfort in the cold winter months. 

Tips for a Winter Move

So, here it is then. Although moving out in the winter is not so common and you’ll rarely see seasonally sensitive removal advice, that does not mean it does not exist. Here are some tips to ensure a safe, secure, and efficient move in the dead of winter. 

Consider Shipping Your Car 

Referring to the actual removal of yourself from the property and to your new home, you might not want to make a long cross-country trip, burdened with luggage, in winter time. You could consider car shipping. Just be sure to check with your insurance provider to make sure your covered if anything goes wrong in transit. 

Check the Weather Forecast 

Winter is cold, but the weather isn’t uniform the whole season long. Check the weather forecast and base your removal dates around that. To be sure its accurate, also try to check it soon beforehand as possible.

Consider Grip 

Specifically, the terrain underfoot when you are carrying boxes or large items into your new home. Slipping on ice is bad enough when you’re just walking, and you probably don’t need to be told how dangerous it can be if you slip while carrying something heavy. Always take care, look where you’re going, and avoid perilous patches of ground. 

Ultimately, a winter move is not much more difficult than a move at any other time, you just need to put a few precautions in place. Those precautions, however, are important.


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