Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents in League City

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Accidents can happen for any number of reasons, but some stand out more than others. Despite the nature of the car accident, it is essential to get in touch with a law office and get the needed legal assistance if you are involved in a car accident. 

The following are some of the main causes of car accidents. 

  • Distracted driving

The first big cause of car accidents is distracted driving. This can take many forms, but the most common is texting while driving. Many people argue that they were simply typing out a text message or trying to find a GPS map when they were struck by another driver. Distracted driving can also come from eating, putting on makeup, and adjusting the radio.

  • Driving under influence

Another big cause of car accidents is DUI or driving under the influence. This can take many forms, but in all cases, it refers to driving while being impaired by alcohol or drugs. Some people will try to downplay the circumstances of their accident by claiming that they were only slightly impaired, but this is irrelevant if they are over the legal limit, which varies from state to state.

  • Speeding

Another common cause of car accidents is speeding. The laws vary from state to state, but it is typically illegal to drive more than 70 miles per hour. Many people think that it’s their right to drive as fast as they want, even when they are trying to reach a destination or finish a project. However, people who speed can sometimes cause an accident in a very short matter of time.

  • Violation of traffic rules

Violation of traffic rules is also a huge cause of car accidents. This includes such things as running red lights, putting on makeup while driving, and tailgating. People who fail to follow the traffic rules can be dangerous drivers and should not be allowed on the road.

  • Poor road conditions

Poor road conditions can also lead to car accidents. This can refer to any number of things, including poor road maintenance and poor visibility. It is important to check both the surface of the road and the headlights when you are trying to drive through a location. If the road buckles beneath you, this can be a recipe for disaster.

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