Ways Plumbers Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Maybe not at this moment, but there could come a day when you want to move to a new place. You know that, for yourself, you want the best out there that gives you the least amount of problems. Why would you ever want to move into a home that needs constant renovations?

The same could be said about your current home. When you go to sell it, you should expect potential buyers to have the same thoughts. Not only that, but a home with up-to-date appliances and work done will sell for much more. In these cases, it is crucial that you get help with your plumbing and drain systems. Towers Plumbing can provide you with anything from new pipes to a tankless water heater in Cottonwood Heights, UT, to make your home worth so much more.


One of the most useful fixtures in your home is its pipes. Both sewage and water move through them constantly throughout the day. Though they last quite a long time, pipes can become worn due to overuse and changes in weather. Because of this, they can crack and clog more constantly.

This can put you at a higher risk of leaking, which can cause mold growth and wall discoloration. Both o these consequences can make your home less appealing to look at or live in. Repiping your home ensures that the drains are at less risk of clogging and can also make you more efficient in how much water you or the next owners use.

Low-Flow Installations

Did you know that toilets can use up to seven gallons of water per flush? This really adds up whenever you get your monthly bill. The easiest way to combat this dilemma is to add in newer low-flow units. They only flush around three gallons of water instead, which is a significant difference.

The water-efficiency aspect can be used to your benefit whenever you are showing people around your home. These appliances are also less likely to clog up, which will go hand-in-hand with your new pipes! Even if you do not choose to sell your home, these are all advantages for you!

Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters provide us with the hot water we need to perform the most basic of tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. Most standard units include a tank, which holds a copious amount of water to heat up when you need it. However, they come with their downsides. Because they heat up the whole tank, you might be standing at your sink waiting a while before it gets to the temperature you want.

To save on money and water waste, many plumbers Arroyo Grande CA recommend installing a tankless water heater. These units only heat up the amount of water you need the moment you need it. This cuts out a lot of time for you. Not just that, but because they come without a tank, you save a lot of space! This gives future homeowners more area to set up their stuff and make the home really theirs.

Getting the Right Plumber

The only way these decisions will work to your benefit is by choosing a reputable source to help you. Towers Plumbing is that perfect company. Because they have been around since 1942, they know what it’s like to need to bring themselves into the modern era. They can do the same for your home.

You can contact them for any of the above in Salt Lake City, Alta, Draper, South Jorda, Cottonwood Heights, and Riverton, UT. They are even willing to perform a full bathroom remodel, which can include changing your shower and sinks and your new toilet.

After getting all of this work done through Towers Plumbing, your home will be ready to go on the home realty market. But, who knows, their work will make you want to stay in your home for much longer!


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