What Signs Should Owners Look For in a Roof Replacement Professional?

If you are looking for roofing services in Florissant, MO, team to help replace your roof entirely, you may be wondering what business can help you with such a large project. Not all roofing contractors have the capacity to handle a full roof replacement, especially if that involves structural changes or additions. And with roofing scams becoming more popular around the country, it’s important to avoid any attempts at fraud, too.

So, how should owners pick a company to handle their new rooftop? Let’s look at some of the best indicators that a roofing business is ready for one of the most important renovations for your house.

Experience and the Right Portfolio of Work

Any roofer you hire for any project should have the basics. That includes proof of licensing in your state and professional liability insurance for their work. But that’s the bare minimum for hiring a roofer. If you want someone experienced in full roof replacements, you need to take a look at their past work.

Roofing companies should be able to provide portfolios on their website or in person of past work they have done. Look for frequent work in roof replacement and see the results. Ideally, you’ll want a roofer who has worked with your preferred roofing materials (shingles, slate, metal, tile, etc.) before and is familiar with all requirements. Testimonials can help as well, but you really want to see evidence of past work with your own eyes.

A Roofer Ready to Deal With Debris

When installing a new roof, one of the biggest hassles is debris. Owners stuck with a lazy roofer may find themselves picking bits of shingle and loose nails from their landscape for many months after the project. A skilled roofing business has methods to clean up after their work and generally guarantees a debris-free yard when they are finished.

Some roofers use a maneuverable trailer to position under the edge of the rooftop where they’re working so they can toss and scrape all debris right into the trailer and avoid the ground altogether. Alternatively (and in areas where a trailer won’t fit), they can lay down tarps around the edge of the roof and collect all debris there so it doesn’t get lost.

A good roofing team will always do a final cleanup sweep to check that they didn’t miss anything, either.

Useful Warranties

Look for roofers that offer warranties for their work. That could include a customer satisfaction warranty or work quality warranty, usually built into the contract that you sign. This can help deal with any unexpected problems without incurring additional costs. Roofers offering warranties like this are generally confident in their work.

An Excellent Consultation

Before tackling a project this large, an experienced roofer will want a full in-person inspection so they can get the details and offer an accurate estimate. This is one of the best times to see if a roofer is right for your new roof.

A high-quality installer will ask lots of questions at this stage and will be happy to offer answers to any questions you have. They will want plenty of details about the materials you want to use for your new roof and have examples or showrooms where you can learn more about specific styles.

They will also want full explanations of any changes you may want to make to the new roof. The more attention they pay, the easier it will be to see if they are detail-oriented and if they’ve done this kind of work before.

Remember, you don’t need to choose the first roofer that provides an estimate. For a project this large, it’s a good idea to get several estimates and compare not only prices but the overall estimate experience.


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