When an autonomous vehicle causes damage, who is responsible?

In the near future, however, completely autonomous vehicles will be available for purchase. Technological firms like Google have been using public highways in California for years to test out fully autonomous vehicles. It has been hypothesised that driverless cars would drastically cut down on traffic accidents, especially those that are caused by human error (drunk and distracted driving).

Yet, there would still be a chance for automobile accidents to occur, even if we had autonomous cars on the highways. The first accident involving a self-driving Uber vehicle occurred in Arizona in March, then in May of 2016, a Tesla involved in autopilot mode in a fatal crash in Florida, killing the driver. 

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Where Does the Blame Lie for an Autonomous Vehicle Crashes?

When an autonomous vehicle causes an accident, the most pressing concern is always who is responsible. Everyday vehicles operated by regular people include diagnostic tools that can determine who or what is at fault. When one driver is at blame for an accident that injures others, as when one motorist runs a red light and causes a collision that injures the other vehicle’s occupants, that driver is responsible for those victims’ medical bills and other damages. Nevertheless, who should be held accountable if, say, a self-driving car runs a stop sign or doesn’t surrender the right of way?

Such answers, like completely autonomous vehicles, have yet to be made available to the general public. Yet academics and other professionals in the subject usually operate under two basic presumptions when it comes to autonomous automobiles and problems of culpability. First, they anticipate fewer vehicular accidents as a result of the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles. Two, that there will be a shift in responsibility for accidents away from drivers and onto the manufacturers. The duty for regulating autonomous vehicles falls completely on the shoulders of the individual states, according to federal guidelines established last year.

The Issue with Car Insurance

As is the case with every driver in the United States, the corporations testing autonomous vehicles are covered by auto insurance. Back to the topic of insurance: companies in this sector must create novel policies well-suited to autonomous vehicles. Auto insurance providers have also said they are working on a solution.


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