5 Must-Know Government Reasons for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

You might have heard that commercial air duct cleaning is necessary. Some experts also say it is an essential investment for a business. Wondering how air ducts can be a practical investment for a business? The U.S. Office Of Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy states that with proper equipment, upgrading the insulation to the required standards, thermostat setting, air sealing, and clean ducts, the energy used for cooling and heating can be cut down between 20 and 50 percent. Thereby lowering the energy bill and increasing the ROI of the business.

Now that you know how commercial air duct cleaning services can benefit your business, here are five reasons why the Federal and State governments of Texas support regular commercial air duct cleaning.

  1. Prevention of Contamination

Dirty air ducts are infested with contaminants, and in most cases, commercial air ducts are laden with moisture, which can lead to rapid microbial growth. This can be caused due to persistent or permanent water damage where the source is not identified. Keeping the commercial HVAC system in prime condition is vital to ensure no contaminants inside can make people within the building sick.

  1. Eliminating The Foul Odor

Often, indoor commercial buildings emit foul odors, which are among the primary causes that can make workers and consumers inside the building sick. The federal and state governments of Texas have rules that ensure such instances do not happen, with mandatory maintenance of the commercial air duct cleaning.

  1. Infection Control

Many commercial properties like healthcare and restaurant facilities are under strict government guidelines to maintain a higher level of cleanliness to ensure infection control. This requires a specific healthcare and hospitality care commercial air duct cleaning that follows strict protocols and specialized equipment that cleans and eliminates harmful bacteria, pathogens, and molds. It warrants creating a safer environment for the patients, staff, patrons, and visitors, thus reducing the risk of air-borne infection.

  1. Avoidance Of Damaged Air Ducts

Governments emphasize cleaning commercial air ducts because it helps with regular checkups of the HVAC system ductwork. Since air ducts in commercial properties get infested with dust, dirt, and debris than home ductwork, they are prone to faster wear and tear. A damaged air duct in a commercial building is immensely harmful to the people inside the building. Hence, regular commercial air duct cleaning can avoid early damage to the ductwork.

  1. Keeping Up With The Insurers & Govt Rules

The Texas Government is strict on the maintenance of air duct cleaning for commercial and residential properties. Routine preventive checks are required so they comply with the government’s and the insurance rules and policies. This requires changing and cleaning the coils, HVAC filters, registers, ducts, and grilles. Also, the company hired for cleaning should check for other issues that can cause damage to the ductwork.

Find The Efficient Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider

NADCA standards emphasize that an accredited commercial air duct cleaning company is hired for the service. Hence, when you are looking for an air duct cleaning company that offers commercial or industrial services in Texas, don’t forget to contact Air Duct Clean Up, one of the most efficient companies with the latest tools and equipment. Call them to get a no-obligation commercial duct cleaning cost quotation.


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