Chunky Garden Furniture Exposed- The Pros and Cons

Outdoor furniture is becoming a new thing these days. Its types and options are vaster as compared to the inner world. Most of the outdoor furniture is made up of wicker, wood, plastic or aluminum. All these materials have their suitability but they all pose some sorts of disadvantages as well. One must look into their pros and cons and then grab early deals regarding the material and of course the furniture. With respect to the material we are going to mention the pros and cons of each in this topic. 

  • Wood 


  • Wooden furniture has its own elegance and authenticity. It gives out a perfect brownish appearance to the outdoor area. It adds extra vibrancy to the patio and is most suitable
  • It can survive for more than a decade with proper care and treating these with pressure timber annually
    • It is available in different sizes and shapes to add texture to the garden
  • It is highly suitable as it can also be folded and stored during harsh climatic conditions. Visit garden and patio to learn more.  


  • It is not suitable or robust for all weather. This specifically involves the winter weather 
  • You need to provide extra care to the wooden furniture too
  • Plastic 


  • Plastic is the least expensive option in all the types we know for outdoor furniture 
  • It is pretty light in weight. This means you can shift it to whatever place you feel like 
  • Another important feature is that it is weatherproof. Unlike wood you don’t have to store it during the winters. You can use it in all seasons
  • If plastic is uv-treated or made with resin it can survive for long as we know


  • Since it is least expensive it gives a pretty cheap look to the garden area as well. 
  • It is lightweight but it can simply blow away during windy season 
  • Aluminum 


  • One of the most outstanding features of aluminum is that it is highly durable. You can use it as roughly as you can but it will not lose its shine that easily
  • It is best for the watery season. It doesn’t rust and can withstand strong climatic conditions as well. 
  • It is often powder-coated which means it isn’t going to erode or pose corrosion that easily 


  • The only con we know is that it is pretty expensive. It will cost you a lot.
  • Next there are certain grades of aluminum but all these are distinguished by their quality.
  • Wicker and rattan 


  • One of the most traditional and classical outdoor furniture we all are looking for is wicker and rattan. These materials are of high durability. 
  • These are light in weight so you can easily shift them here and there
  • Wicker and rattan are weatherproof. This means you can use these in all sorts of temperatures 
  • The process of cleaning them is also pretty easy 


  • Wicker and rattan are durable but pretty expensive as well. These are ideal for indoor placement. But when used outside these can tear and wear easily 
  • Metal


  • This is also one of the most durable and strongest of all. 
  • These are perfect for both temperatures
  • Not to forget these are lightweight. You can turn or shift them to whatever place you feel like 


  • Metal has the tendency to corrode or rust and if we use galvanized steel or metal then there is possibility of preventing corrosion but otherwise with time metal or steel will lose their spark
  • Maintenance of metal or steel is very time-consuming 

Outdoor furniture has its sparks and can literally boost up the garden area. To make the right choice the choice of material, size and shape matters a lot. Before you jump to determine the furniture make sure you have checked in the pros and cons of all these. This will save your future time and money. 

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