Hiring a Plumber: 5 Must-Ask Questions 

Choosing the right plumber should not be that difficult as long as you know what you need. When you want to renovate your home or fix some plumbing issues in your bathroom, you will need a plumber with proof of license and insurance.

You want to ensure the plumber working on your project has enough experience and expertise to offer you the best services. If you live in Southampton, Becketts Plumbing and Heating is one of the companies you can reach out to for all plumbing and heating services. 

Here are some of the questions you should ask when you are planning to hire a plumber:

  1. How much will it cost to fix your plumbing problem?

When getting a plumbing quote, you should be careful. You should avoid by all means the plumbing quotes that you receive over the phone. Your plumber should be able to see and analyze your plumbing and piping problem before they can give an estimated quote of how much you will spend on the repairs.  

The quotation should include the cost of new parts needed to complete the repair. You can find out if the estimated quote includes the price of the material you will buy.

  1. Who will be doing the work?

Sometimes you have to know who will be handling the plumbing repairs on your premise. Do they have the skills and experience to work on your repairs? Most plumbing companies prefer to subcontract projects, and you want to ensure your project will be handled with an experienced team.  

You don’t want to risk your plumbing project handled by a plumber with less experience than someone you initially spoke to.

  1. Are you licensed?

When hiring a plumber, you should first find out if they have the license to work in your state. A licensed plumber will be well conversant with the local plumbing codes. They should have passed all the required tests to get the license.  

If the plumber comes to your premises, you should ask them to show proof of license before they can start working on your project. You should be wary of plumbers with no experience and license – most of them tend to provide a lower rate than those with a better experience.

  1. Are you insured?

If the plumber says yes, it means they are willing and ready to provide evidence of being bonded and insured. 

It is safe working with an insured plumber because only then can you certain of being compensated in case of collateral damages on your property. If you hire a plumber with no insurance, it means you will be responsible for their injuries.

  1. Is your rate fixed or hourly?

When you hire a plumber, you want to know how they will charge you for the services. You should clarify the estimate to avoid any unwelcome surprises once the plumbing job is done.  

If the plumber says that they will be charging you hourly, you should find out how long it would take them to finish the repairs. An experienced plumber should specify how long it takes to get finish a plumbing project.



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