Is Annual Maintenance A Lot Better Than Ad-hoc Handyman Jobs?

Managing administration in the multi-location brand may well be a nightmare. Everywhere needs the help of a close handyman. Choosing the local handyman for each office and making sure work satisfaction is really a ongoing struggle.

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Increase it the reason why like different work standards in each and every office, maintaining past billing and making sure cost consistency is tough.

Annual maintenance helps the brands to conquer these obstacles. However, despite local agencies, the concerns remain since it is. The standards will be different for each agency simply because they become middlemen to source local handyman.

What brands should get is a platform that takes proper proper care of handyman outsourcing.

Easy Fix offers such annual maintenance contracts to help brands in addition to their administration. Some differentiators in Easy Fix are:

  1. Verified Professionals

Easy Fix is India’s leading platform to delegate handyman service. Easy Fix works together local handyman professionals and ensures experience verification, training and summary of be employed in their unique field. Brands obtain access to verified handymen professional with Easy Fix.

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  1. Guaranteed Service Delivery

We regularly get yourself a commitment in the local handyman for just about any service visit. However, it isn’t unusual for your local handyman to not appear or reschedule without deliberating our time. Easy Fix ensures brands get yourself a guaranteed service delivery whenever needed. The assistance are pleased with a dependable and verified local handyman.

  1. Fastest TAT

Easy Fix offers the fastest TAT for handyman services with overnight service booking as well as an n established record more than 85% on-time service completion across 220 urban centers. Brands can book service while using the Easy Fix online platform and turn into updated round the status with complete transparency.

  1. Pan India Presence

Easy Fix hires the most effective local handyman and trains them within the condition in the art training facilities. These local handymen also undergo background verification and work ratings. Easy Fix are operating in 220 urban centers across India to make certain brands get yourself a standard service delivery across each office. Easy Fix features its own regional offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

  1. Accounting Transparency

Easy Fix makes sure that brands access complete accounting transparency. Each order is different brands get granular reports additionally to dashboards and alerts. Easy Fix helps as well brands reduce petty cash since the admin team does not have to pay in cash and advance for just about any local handyman.

  1. Understanding Base

Easy Fix features a vast portfolio of shoppers due to its experience using more than ten years. This experience creates a ready understanding base for services in niche areas like modular kitchen, fitness equipment, rooftop solar, EV charging, furniture, appliances, moving help, property aggregators, spare management, demonstration, installation, repair and maintenance.

  1. Plug and Play

Easy Fix offers proprietory technology tools to permit brands to plug and play their annual maintenance contracts.

  1. Proprietary Mobile Application

The handyman application provides real-time status for the brand team. Dashboards that are associated with live fieldwork.

  1. Best Field Pressure Training Modules

Field Pressure Training Modules ensure handymen hold the skills to understand the requirements of brands in addition to their customers. Each order can get tracked and satisfied.

iii. Fraud Proof Data Capture

Easy Fix makes sure that every order encounters the audit and can get vetted with the central business unit. This data helps brands to produce informed decisions.

  1. Dashboards and History

Easy Fix enables brands to understand the task patterns with order background easy to grasp dashboards.

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