Reasons Your Roof Can Become Damaged

Despite their robustness, roofs are not devoid of problems. Whatever material was used to build your establishment may have faults such as holes, leaks, or warping. When this happens, you may notice specific negative impacts, such as damage caused by water or overheating.

If you want to find out what’s causing these issues and how to solve them, you must first grasp the fundamentals of damage to the roof. If you engage Yutzy Roofing Service, LLC, to make commercial roof repairs in Appleton, WI, you’ll have a better understanding of how to approach the situation.

Hail and Snow

The brutal winters in Wisconsin can be damaging to your roof. When hail hits your roof, it behaves like a pellet cannon. This is especially problematic for materials such as PVC and asphalt, which can break if struck too hard.

While snow is not as deadly as hail, excessive snowfall could prove to still be hazardous. Snow on top of a roof can damage its base and possibly break specific seals. This may make it easier for the white stuff to enter.


You could easily end up the victim of a collapsing treetop, depending on the height of your construction. This is frequent when there are high winds, and the tree is susceptible. It will most likely be seriously damaged if it comes into touch with your roof. Metals, for instance, can be more resistant. However, they might dent as a result.


While Wisconsin is ordinarily cold, the sun shines brightly throughout the year’s warmer months. While we all like some extra comfort every now and again, your roof might have to be more adjustable.

Not every roofing material is heat resistant, and direct sunlight might cause it to disintegrate. This might make managing the temperature in your facility more difficult. Because of its fragile nature, a hole may form if it comes into touch with something hard or heavy.

Insufficient Installation Practices

Only when your roof is fitted correctly on the building will it function properly. Many consumers who want roof replacement or repair believe all roofers are identical. They frequently choose the least expensive alternative and expect the job to be done.

This may involve the engagement of a contractor who will be required to perform further work to repair or seal the structure. Some firms may employ this strategy to guarantee that you return for assistance on a regular basis, boosting their earnings. Before hiring someone, look over their prior work and client comments. This is what distinguishes Yutzy Roofing Service, LLC.

Once they’ve determined the source of your roof’s issue, their personnel may begin work on an assessment right away. In many cases, they want to help you avoid having to replace your entire roof. They may offer to upgrade your current one with weatherproof paint or foam to increase its energy efficiency and lifespan.

Their team has been fixing commercial roofs for almost thirty years and has encountered nearly every material conceivable. They’ve learned to deal with everything on both small and large scales since it’s critical to them that everyone is cared for. While the aforementioned difficulties are the most prevalent, they will also provide a solution for lesser-known disasters!

Problems can emerge at any time, and you deserve the finest care available. Yutzy Roofing Service, LLC offers an answer for you whether your issue has been building up over time or has suddenly erupted. Check the strength of your roof as soon as you can with their team.


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