Small Kitchen Renovations: Simple But Essential Tips

A kitchen renovation which can be done by Zenith Design + Build home additions for example may be necessary for several reasons, but it is the type of work that always generates a lot of fear because of the breakage and because it is one of the most used rooms in the house. If you don’t have a plan B while the kitchen is being renovated, it won’t be easy to maintain a routine of preparing food and cleaning dishes.

Therefore, having good planning and knowledge of the stages of a renovation is essential to avoid headaches and not have your routine entirely blocked by the work.

In this content, we present a real guide on kitchen renovation, so you can organize between all the steps and have ideas on how to revitalize your space. Even if it is a small kitchen renovation, creating creative, beautiful, and functional projects is possible, choosing a good quality and cost-effective materials. Come on?

One Of The Most Important Aspects Of A Kitchen Renovation Is Planning.

Dividing the entire process into stages, it is much easier to control the expenses, execution, and completion of the work without dealing with unforeseen setbacks that can extend the deadline for the renovation. Below, we cite the main steps so that you can guide yourself during your kitchen renovation:

Workforce And Budget

The first step of reform is searching for good professionals and the definition of the project’s objective. It is important to have defined what you want to renovate, whether it will be finishing and aesthetic issues, such as changing the coating and painting, or whether it will be necessary to make adjustments to the structure, hydraulic and electrical system.

With this defined, it is now possible to request the budget to assess the cost of material and labor. The ideal is always to talk to more than one professional and seek referrals from friends or acquaintances who already know the work. Thus, finding the best cost-benefit and quality of work option is possible. Remember not to evaluate only the price, because cheap is often expensive when working.


With the project in hand and the budget approved, it’s time to get down to business. Depending on the renovation project, it may be necessary to demolish walls, windows, remove floors and coatings, and displace wiring. The demolition itself is one of the quickest parts of the renovation, but it’s the one that causes the most mess and mess.

Therefore, it is essential to take extra care to preserve the other environments and furniture in the house, avoid the accumulation of dust, and prevent accidents.


After the demolition, in which all the old walls or coverings have already been removed and disposed of properly, it’s time to start the kitchen renovation. Depending on the complexity of the project and the changes needed, it can be a step that takes more time, but in a small kitchen, where changes will be few, it is possible to carry on life generally while the work moves forward. If the project is very large, it may sometimes be necessary to move the resident to another place, such as family, friends, or even a hotel. However, if the construction does not require cutting off water, electricity or preventing the use of appliances daily, it will be a more peaceful process.

In the part of the work itself, there are several possibilities within the kitchen renovation, such as:

  • Replacement of wall coverings
  • Change of floors
  • Repainting the walls
  • Replacement of doors and windows 
  • Moving from old furniture to new bespoke ones
  • Installation of hood or debugger
  • Change of electrical installation points
  • Change of hydraulic installation points
  • Breaking walls to expand the space or building new walls or counter to divide the environment, etc.


With the construction finished, it’s time to leave everything clean to place the furniture, appliances, and other details of the decoration of the environment. During this stage, it is essential to take care of cleaning, especially in the corners or walls where cabinets and fixed appliances will be installed.

At this point, you will be able to evaluate the result of the work in more detail and, if necessary, request adjustments or small repairs that did not turn out as planned.


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