Why Having the Right Survey Equipment Is So Important

Being a surveyor can be an interesting job. It typically involves being outside and working with your hands. However, it also involves a lot of high-precision measurements and mathematics. Whether you need to do a DIY survey project of your own land, work professionally as a surveyor or are just interested in the field, having the right survey supplies and equipment can have a big impact on your experience.

Theodolites and Total Stations

Digital theodolites and, to a greater extent, total stations are the beating hearts of modern survey. They are used to measure angles very accurately. A theodolite is a telescope mounted on a base. When the telescope is aimed at different points, the device gives a digital readout of the angle between those points. A total station is similar but has an additional distance measuring tool.

Between these devices, some trigonometry and good record-keeping, an enormous amount of survey work can be completed. There are sometimes more specialized tools that may be used, but these are exceptionally powerful.

Digital Levels

Digital levels and laser levels are also highly useful devices. Where total stations can be used to map angles and distances, levels can be used to establish planes. Since it is typically important for buildings and other structures to be built flat, being able to use levels to find flat lines is essential.

Historically, plumb bobs and spirit levels have been used for this purpose. However, modern, electronic levels are able to give significantly more precise readouts. Rather than trying to line up a bubble between two lines, the user can get an exact angle. Laser levels have the added benefit of emitting a level beam for distant measurement.

GPS Tools

The Global Positioning System has helped to revolutionize land survey. As you likely already know, it can be used to get an accurate reading of the device’s latitude and longitude by bouncing a signal off a network of satellites. GPS can be used to find the location of specific points quite accurately. This can be extremely helpful to large-scale surveys. It is also quite useful for finding the starting point of a survey. While GPS is much less precise than other survey methods, it is also very fast and convenient.

Stakes, Flags and Other Supplies

Survey supplies are also immensely useful. Items such as magnetic stakes, flags and tapes can help to mark out areas. They can also be useful for relocating a specific point in a survey at a later date. For example, stakes may be used to mark a traced utility for future reference. With the right modern survey supplies, it is easier to keep track of the work you have been doing so far.

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