Acquiring Turkish property: all nuances

If you plan to купить недвижимость в Турции, the nuances of owning coastal real estate and the advantages of living on the coast will be discussed in depth in this article.

What privileges do you get?

The increase in demand for houses and apartments in Turkey among foreign citizens is due to the following advantages:

  • The possibility of price increases. Every year, the cost of purchasing real estate in Turkey increases due to the development of city infrastructure and the construction of new residential complexes. If you want to buy property when it is being built, you can sell it for more money and profit from the difference.
  • Potential for tourism. The steady demand for short-term rental housing for recreation stems from the popularity of Turkish resorts. Finding tenants is handled by local property management firms, and the apartment owner receives a monthly income.
  • Guaranteed residence permit. All foreign owners of residential or commercial properties receive a residence permit when purchasing a property in Turkey. The investor can immediately apply for citizenship for himself and his family if the purchase price is greater than 250,000 USD.

Turkey prohibits the purchase of land by foreigners with an area greater than 30 hectares. The owner will have to pay a tax each year as well as costs for upkeep, which should be taken into consideration by buyers of real estate.

Cheap property in Turkey

Turkey’s cheap real estate includes apartments that need plumbing and electrical rewiring, which can cost a little extra but can increase the home’s final price for the buyer. As a result, the majority of foreigners are looking into real estate options that include furniture and repairs that come with the property. The distance from the coast and beaches has a significant impact on the price. Apartments will be more expensive in residential complexes with developed infrastructure.

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