Most Expensive places to buy property in Coventry

Coventry became one of the five top cities to live in according to the 2018 ranking research done. It provides the best environment for diverse opportunities for all individuals who want to explore. Coventry is immensely loaded with intriguing features including lively bars, popular clubhouses, and restaurants where fast food and all kinds of enjoyment can be got. Coventry is packed with cultural attractions and it’s also a popular choice for individuals who want to pursue education.

For individuals who want to live to the fullest in Coventry, the best places to live in are readily available with student accommodation slightly raised than other parts of the city. It’s a home for two renowned universities, impressive sporting, high-level music. Recently, Coventry now competes with other few places in the UK for the top-notch quality of living. Important to note is the fact that Coventry is also known for optimum employment opportunities and thrilling business growth. Anticipating buying housing property in Coventry, here is a list of some of the expensive properties you can buy in Coventry.

#1. Southam Road, CV23 (Average property price is £577,481)

Southam is a town known for being port-based. It prides itself on having very desirable weather and climatic conditions. Recently, it has consistently been positioned at the top of many other towns in England in that it’s one of the best places to work. The availability of top-notch health, employment, and also affordable housing has made it gain popular attraction. Southam is a nice place to live in.

#2. Studley Avenue (Average property price is £ 565,101)

Studley is found on the western part of Warwickshire, and it measures about 3.7 miles southeast of Redditch. Popular specialization in Studley is the production of sewing and surgical needle. Studley offers a lot of wealth to business start-ups and already made giants in corporate enterprises. Living in Studley should never be a wrong choice because of the great things you can explore it.

#4. Gibbet Hill Road, CV4 (Average price is £911,623)

Gibbet Hill is a beauty to behold being made of a lot of thrilling views. It has many exciting places one can visit on weekends for relaxation from the week’s exhaustion. Gibbet Hill is a very nice place for buyers who want a feel of nature.

#3. Abberton way, CV4 (£950,293)

Houses in Abberton way are nothing but standard ones. They offer good scenery. Abberton way has unique nature which makes it a perfect option for tourist attractions because of the lakes that are located in the there.  Exploring is a great thing also at Abberton way because of the intriguing way the buildings there were constructed. According to Quick Property Buyer, Abberton way has a lot to offer every prospective buyer.

#5.Henley-in-Arden (Average  property price  is £530,562)

Henley-in-Arden is a town in Coventry popularly known for being the safest place to live in among all other towns in the city. A visit to the town is highly recommended because of the impressive historical buildings that Henley-in-Arden houses. Other things can be explored in this town ranging from scenic areas, castles, parks and gardens and so on.

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